O tipa foarte misto zicea odata

12 sept.

„Is there some kind of compulsion or repulsion about flesh? Are people so puritanical that they think pleasure from food is alarming?”

She can easily understand the feminist carping that came her way, even if it was based on the somewhat simplistic principle that since poor women have been obliged to tackle domestic labour whether they like it or not, we must all down tools, forswear, despise and revolt against it. The baby goes out with the bath water. All the female virtues of nourishing others, taking care of, making things comforting and nice, all consigned to the plughole. So far as she is concerned, you can cook or not cook, please yourself, because one is certainly not morally better than the other. Nor is there anything romantic in the spectre of sweet, caring, nurturing womanhood. Quite the reverse.

Nigella Lawson, The Guardian, 2004
– interviul aici, sa-l cititi ca e frumos si emotionant, chiar daca nu va place mancarea. Note to self: poate invat si eu ceva din el. –


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